PrimusGFS Training Centers

Details for training centers approved for performing PrimusGFS specific training are noted below. (This does not include generic training such as Lead Assessor, HACCP, Pesticides, etc.)

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Key Points

Training centers are approved by the PrimusGFS Certification Program to perform formal certificated training.

Trainer centers use approved PrimusGFS trainers.

There are two courses available:

  • PrimusGFS Standard (3 days) – mandated for auditors, optional for auditees.
  • PrimusGFS Auditor Training Day (1 day) – mandated for auditors.

Training center courses are targeted toward auditor training. Auditees and other interested parties’ attendance at PrimusGFS Standard training is optional; this training may help auditees understand the PrimusGFS Certification Program general regulations and auditing standard, and aid in the auditing process.

The training courses are not designed to teach food safety; rather, they are designed to explain how the Certification Program works and how the standard is applied. If food safety training is required, attendees are encouraged to seek out formal safety training on specific topics (e.g. HACCP).

Training examines all sections of the PrimusGFS standard, Food Safety Management Systems, GAP, GMP, HACCP and Preventive Controls.

Training centers can offer training in English and/or Spanish.

Training center fees are set by the training center. PrimusGFS bills the training centers directly a fee of $25/day of training/trainee that is to be certificated.

For a full listing of training events please check our calendar in the next link.

Approved Training Centers

Ceres University
Karl Kolb
Phone: 715-723-4915
[email protected]

Coactive Food Group

Bruce G. Wilkins
Phone: (585) 314-5003
[email protected]

Global Standards S.C.
Diego Ayala León
Phone: 52+33 3630 4546
[email protected]

NSF Training and Education
Erin Moore
Phone: 800-NSF-MARK, ext. 5600

[email protected]

Primus Auditing Operations
PAO Training Center
Phone: 805-631-5248
[email protected]

Rivas Consulting Group
Guadalupe Rivas Cancino
Phone: +52 333 815 4639
[email protected]

SCS Global Services
Diane Dulmage
Phone: 510-452-8003
[email protected]

SerKa Solutions
Clarisa Molina
USA Office: 619 591 9115

MX Office: 667 229 9857

MX cellphone: 667 751 6854
[email protected]

WQS Academy
Reid Watkins
Phone: 980-296-5980

[email protected]

Becoming a Training Center

Training companies seeking approval as PrimusGFS training centers should contact the PrimusGFS Certification Program for more details, copies of specific training center/trainer SOP’s and copies of current application/licensing documentation.

Becoming a Trainer

Experienced food safety professionals with third party auditing history who wish to become approved trainers should contact the PrimusGFS Certification Program for more details, copies of trainer SOP’s, and copies of current application/licensing documentation.

Contact the PrimusGFS team for more information.