Access the FSMA Specific Summary Sub-Report Today!

Featuring the FSMA Summary Sub-Report


We’re excited to share that the FSMA Specific Summary Sub-Report is now conveniently accessible on every PrimusGFS audit report with a single click of a button!


This powerful tool enables you to effortlessly showcase your compliance with the Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA) regulations, specifically the Produce Safety Rule. Available in both English or Spanish for all PrimusGFS audits for the past two years, this report allows you to demonstrate your dedication to food safety while simplifying your journey to FDA compliance.


Login to your Azzule platform today to see this latest addition to your existing PrimusGFS audit report or reach out to your Certification Body to have them regenerate your latest audit report to include your new FSMA Specific Summary Sub-Report!


Want to review our benchmarking of the current PrimusGFS version against the Produce Safety Rule (PSR)? This benchmarking is a tool to increase transparency and detail the existing alignment of our standard with the latest industry regulations. Check it out here to see how the PrimusGFS audit enables our auditee to achieve full FSMA compliance without the need for an addendum or additional audit.


For more information on how to view the new FSMA Specific Summary Sub-Report, access our quick guide, FAQ, or reach out to our team at [email protected] for more information.