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Who is Azzule Systems?

Azzule Systems owns and manages the PrimusGFS food safety audit Certification Program. Azzule is also a leading provider of global data management solutions throughout all levels of the supply chain.

Azzule began providing PrimusGFS audits in January 2010. We employ a mix of food technologists and computer programmers. We offer support in Spanish, English and French languages. We provide the flexibility necessary to deliver solutions beyond the expected. We are a privately held operating subsidiary of Primus Group, Inc.

Take the Next Step Towards FSMA Compliance

How are you managing all of your documentation? How do you deliver that documentation to your customers? How do you know if you’re in compliance with your customers and / or various regulations?

Make your customers’ lives easier and they will thank you! We invite you to explore Azzule as an inexpensive way to deliver your customers quality, organized documentation. Managing your food safety, sustainability, organic, and other assurance programs, while meeting your customer expectations, regulatory requirements, and marketing efforts. Don’t settle for a data management program that contributes to data isolation. Register with Azzule and find what you need to take your food safety program online and promote your efforts and your supply chain.

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Enhancing the Business of Auditing

Suppliers! Do you want the opportunity to have your products approved quicker? To get more visibility from buyers? To connect with more buyers?

Azzule Systems continues to enhance the business of auditing. Ask your auditing company / certification body if they use Azzule Auditing Software and the benefits they can offer.

Auditing companies / certification bodies (CBs), driven by their clients, are taking advantage of Azzule Auditing Software and improving the selling power and / or buying decisions of their clients. Using Azzule platforms for audit reporting, management, and delivery, participating auditing companies / CBs are not only able to offer their customers valuable and timely transparency in audit reporting and tracking, but equally have the opportunity to implement highly sophisticated, data driven auditor integrity programs. Thus, ensuring that the performance of each of their auditors meets their standards as well as their customers’.

Different technology requirements are appearing: APIs (Application Program Interfaces) and Blockchain, among others. Our platform and team of experts can help you understand what you need and arrive at a solution, so that you can continue to be in compliance with your buyer/scheme owner/shipper/importer of record.