Azzule Governance

Board of Directors

Nadia Pasco

Nadia Pasco is the CEO of Azzule Systems, a position she has held since 2008, when the company was founded. Prior to her time at Azzule Systems, Ms. Pasco was employed by the Government of the Sinaloa State of Mexico as the Chief of Data Entry and Verification. In 2003, she relocated to the United States to serve as an IS Project Manager at PrimusLabs. Ms. Pasco earned a Bachelor’s Degree in Information Systems Engineering in 2002, and a Master’s Degree in Business Administration in 2009, both from the Monterrey Institute of Technology.

Robert F. Stovicek

Robert F. Stovicek, Ph.D. is the President and Chairman of PrimusLabs and Primus Group, Inc. He has been employed at PrimusLabs since 1988, beginning his work as a chemist, before moving on to a management role during which he built the company into a globally recognized food safety firm. Mr. Stovicek earned a Bachelor’s and Master’s Degree from the University of Idaho. He then transferred to Michigan State University, from which he earned his Doctoral Degree in Crop Science and Environmental Toxicology in 1988.