What Is the PrimusGFS Audit Certification Program?

PrimusGFS is a Global Food Safety Initiative (GFSI) recognized audit Certification Program, with certification in 22 countries. Endorsed by more than 7,326 organizations, PrimusGFS provides total produce supply chain coverage.


We’ve issued important communication for certification bodies and operations being affected by the coronavirus (COVID-19). We know and understand that the situation is extremely fluid, and changes to our existing policies and practices may be undertaken as soon as we determine they are necessary, and we will alert all parties immediately, if policies change.

Azzule Systems is inviting users and supporters to participate in a stakeholder review of an updated PrimusGFS Standard. In an effort to align PrimusGFS with the Global Food Safety Initiative’s (GFSI’s) February V2020 Guidance Document, we plan to release Version 3.2 immediately for stakeholder review instead of V4.0.

The standard documents and reports sustainability performance to buyers and others in the supply chain. The standard recognizes best practices and sustainability indicators such as: soil health, pest management and pesticide use; nutrients, waste and recycling; water and energy conservation; processing; employee relations; and environmental protection.

PrimusGFS Version 3.2
PrimusGFS Version 3.1

PrimusGFS Training Events

Top Performing Certification Program, Powered by Azzule

Azzule’s Certification Program Software allows Certification Program Managers unprecedented insight into their Certification Programs’ performance and complete control of certifying bodies and reporting via data and expert-driven Integrity Programs and analytics. Powered by Azzule, our partnering Certification Program are integrated directly into your Supply Chain Program for easy access for managing and meeting regulatory and customer compliance requirements.

PrimusGFS Version 3 will include a dynamic 7-module design for ultimate applicability. It has nearly completed the GFSI Benchmarking process. To be notified of new developments or to follow its progress visit PrimusGFS.com

Primus Standard Audits (from the legacy of PrimusLabs GAP & GMP) have a new look and important updates, while maintaining the excellence in quality you expect from the Primus brand.

IPM Institute of North America's Sustainable Food Group and the PrimusGFS and Azzule teams have created the Sustainability Standard in an effort to provide the best options for our clients and the industry.