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PrimusGFS Certification Bodies

Details for certification bodies (CBs) approved for performing PrimusGFS audits are noted below.

Key Points
  • CBs are approved by the PrimusGFS scheme to perform certificated PrimusGFS audits.
  • CBs have already been accredited against ISO/IEC 17065 or ISO/IEC 17021 (or equivalent) or are working towards this accreditation (“provisionally” approved by the scheme).
  • CBs have auditors that are approved to perform GAP and/or GMP operation type audits.
  • CBs are not geographically restricted by the PrimusGFS scheme. CBs can operate in any country they wish though auditees should work with their CB to consider the potential need of a translator. Auditees should also work with their CB to establish the travel expenses that may be incurred.
  • CBs fees are negotiated between the CB and the auditee; this includes audit fees and travel expenses. PrimusGFS bills the CB’s for application and certification(s). Per audit, PrimusGFS bills the CB the following amounts:
    • $50 per organization application
    • $40 per operation audit entry fee
    • $27 per operation certification (posting fee on the PrimusGFS register site and certificate issue)

Approved Certification Bodies

Provisionally Approved Certification Bodies

Becoming a Certification Body

Audit companies seeking approval as PrimusGFS certification bodies should contact the PrimusGFS scheme for more details and copies of the current application/licensing documentation.

Some points to consider with regard to becoming an approved certification body:
  1. Proof of company legal status, details of company ownership and company organization chart change with roles and responsibilities.
  2. Signed application form (form available from PrimusGFS) and enrollment fee of $5000.
  3. Signed license agreement (form available from PrimusGFS).
  4. Proof of at least a $5 million (US) liability/errors and omissions insurance. Policy to be supplied at the time of application and updates provided on an annual basis.
  5. Proof of ISO/IEC 17065 or ISO/IEC 17021 accreditation (or equivalent). A CB will be required to prove that they have applied to an accreditation body (one that has signed the IAF Multilateral Agreement) to have their operations ISO/IEC 17065 or ISO/IEC 17021 (or equivalent) accredited against the current version of PrimusGFS. Note that CBs are allowed to perform audits as “provisionally approved” for up to 12 months from the date of application while progressing through the accreditation process.
  6. CBs must utilize auditors that meet the requirements as noted in the current general regulations including qualifications, experience, training, and assessing. Proof that auditors meet these requirements is part of the documented auditor induction program/approval system.
  7. CBs must ensure they and their chosen auditors are free from any conflicts of interest that would bring themselves or the scheme into disrepute.
  8. PrimusGFS allows CBs to use subcontractors. A CB is wholly responsible for the audit process when the subcontractor is working on behalf of that CB. For all intents and purposes of the scheme, when a subcontractor performs an audit for a CB, the subcontractor is an employee of the approved CB.
  9. PrimusGFS permits subcontractors to work for more than one CB, but CBs are allowed to state whether they allow their subcontractors to work for other CB’s. Please note:
    1. When a subcontractor works for more than one CB, they must go through each CB’s auditor induction program/auditor approval system (i.e. approval cannot be transferred from one CB to another).
    2. Induction steps, such as training on CB SOP’s and forms (especially appeal/dispute systems) and auditor shadow assessments, must be performed for each CB that the subcontractor works with.
  10. CBs and auditors must have access to reliable internet connections and computers, since PrimusGFS uses internet-based software for many facets of the scheme process.
  11. CBs and CBs’ auditee clients must agree to scheme audit shadows which may occur on an occasional basis. CBs must also permit the scheme to review audit reports and conduct CB office audit visits from time to time as part of the scheme integrity program.
  12. CBs’ requirements may change from time to time due to changes derived from the PrimusGFS scheme, GFSI, and the CB accreditation standards.
Becoming an Auditor

Food safety professionals wishing to become PrimusGFS auditors must work with at least one approved PrimusGFS certification body; please see the CB listing here.

Some points to consider in regard to becoming a PrimusGFS auditor include:

  1. Auditors have to meet the requirements as noted in the current general regulations, including qualifications, experience, and training.
  2. Auditors must meet the PrimusGFS scheme, CB, and accreditation standard conflict of interest requirements.
  3. Auditor training includes specific PrimusGFS auditor training performed by approved Training Centers or by the PrimusGFS scheme.
  4. Auditors must take and pass PrimusGFS set exams from time to time.
  5. Auditors must be shadowed and assessed by each CB for which they work.
  6. Auditors must meet any CB’s specific requirements, especially insurance requirements.
  7. Auditors may be shadowed and assessed by scheme QA personnel and/or accreditation body personnel from time to time.
  8. Please see the rules on becoming a CB to learn about the management and use of subcontractor auditors.