PrimusGFS v2.1-2: New Report and Certificate Designs

We are pleased to announce that PrimusGFS has developed new designs for both its audit reports and audit certificates. We would like to share with you some of the new features that we have incorporated into both documents. Our new software is more malleable, allowing us to make the changes we hope you will find beneficial. We consider the new designs both more aesthetically pleasing and easier to navigate. A useful feature of the new audit reports is that we have built the corrective action commentary into the audit report, so that you can pursue the details about correction actions without having to open a new link. We also wanted to show the audit non-conformances, auditor comments, auditee corrective action comments, and the corrective actions review on the same page, so our design is now row-based rather than column-based. We’ve also added a map icon to show where GPS points are located. Finally, the new design includes certification start and finish dates.


The design of audit certificates has also been improved. In order to make the certificates easier to read, we’ve added a second page to the certificates and formatted the layout for framing purposes. Like the audit reports, our certificates now include the preliminary score in addition to the final score for improved transparency. The second page now shows the audit scope and also identifies products seen on the day of the audit, and products of a similar risk type.


The designs of both the reports and certificates have been modernized and the fonts and formats have been standardized. We think both are more pleasing to the eye.


We thank you for your decision to use PrimusGFS, and we hope that the changes that we have made will be beneficial to you.