PrimusGFS v3.1 Open for Stakeholder Letter

Dear Stakeholder,


Thank you for your on-going support of Azzule’s GFSI Benchmarked Certification Program, PrimusGFS. As a
stakeholder, we want to personally invite you to participate in the PrimusGFS v3.1 consultation
review period. During the 3.0 implementation, we gained valuable feedback from, indoor agricultural
operations, Certification Bodies, Training Centers, and from industry experts at-large. Azzule believes
strongly in serving the needs of the various groups with which we work, and so, we have tried to
address your comments and suggestions in v3.1. Additionally, this new version will continue to
provide data-driven results to users of the audit, information that can be enhanced by utilizing the
Azzule Data Management Platform.


We are asking if you can read through the proposed changes and submit feedback and suggestions
with the document PrimusGFS v3.1 Stakeholder Review provided at our group email address:
[email protected] by March 11, 2019. The changes are set up in an excel.xlsx file type with
the new text appearing in red.


During this consultation period, we hope you might offer feedback concerning all proposed changes
that are of interest to your organization’s functions or needs. Additionally, we are continuously
accepting feedback regarding developments to PrimusGFS and systems within the Azzule Data
Management Platform (i.e. PrimusGFS, Azzule Auditing Software, Azzule Supply Chain, PrimusLabs
LIMs) that may have significance or might be needed by your organization in complying with FDA
Food Safety Modernization Act, Safe Food For Canadians Regulations, Service Providers,
Customers, etc.


We look forward to working with you during this review period. Please do not hesitate to contact us
via email at [email protected] or by telephone if you have any questions or concerns.



Santa Maria, California, U.S.A. +1-805-862-4219
Culiacan, Sinaloa, Mexico +52-667-716-5037
Viña del Mar, Chile +56-32-332-5045


With gratitude,
Rebeca Perez
PrimusGFS Certification Program Director