How is PrimusGFS Adapting to “Social Distancing” Measures?

The COVID-19 pandemic and the new era of “social distancing” have changed virtually everything about how we conduct both daily life and business. Now “social distancing” is at the forefront of the food industry’s collective consciousness, and people must obey these rules to protect everyone’s health and safety.
These social changes have presented obstacles for the auditing sector. In an effort to provide assistance during these trying times, PrimusGFS is offering a free tool to help auditees and auditors to review information remotely.

How can PrimusGFS help?

To address the specific need for “social distancing,” Azzule is introducing a new PrimusGFS audit process. The process allows one portion of the audit to be conducted remotely using the free on-line tools developed by Azzule. This change will ultimately reduce human interaction during the on-site audit.

With many years of experience in the food safety industry, we are able to provide you and your certification body online tools to complete the Documentation Desk Review Process. The tools have been developed and are available now in the PrimusGFS System and Azzule Supply Chain Program.

If your operation would like more information about this new audit process, please contact your Certification Body or the PrimusGFS team for more information.

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