Get Ready for a New Version of PrimusGFS

It’s that time again!


With the Global Food Safety Initiative’s (GFSI) recent publication of their new 2020.1 Benchmarking Requirements, and Azzule will soon release its draft of PrimusGFS v4.0 to its stakeholders (i.e. retailers, food service, restaurant growers, shippers, handlers, consultants, trainers, etc.). Stakeholder review of the proposed changes is critical prior to implementation of a new version of the certification program.


Major changes to PrimusGFS emphasize the on-going stakeholder feedback for v3.1 and GFSI’s updated benchmarking requirements. Some key updates include changes to the GFSI scope names, the use of ICT (remote activities), mandatory unannounced surveillance programs for certification bodies and auditees, auditor competency clauses, revised elements to food safety culture, corrective action closures, and more.


Stakeholder feedback allows Azzule to improve both the standard itself as well as data collection so that auditors and clients alike can have a more productive audit experience, one that simultaneously improves users’ food safety practices and helps them to attract global buyers and gain more market access through the Azzule Platform.