Azzule Invites Stakeholder Consultation of Updated Version of PrimusGFS Standard

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Azzule Systems is inviting users and supporters to participate in a stakeholder review of an updated PrimusGFS Standard. In an effort to align PrimusGFS with the Global Food Safety Initiative’s (GFSI’s) February V2020 Guidance Document, we plan to release Version 3.2 immediately for stakeholder review instead of V4.0.


Last month a Primus Group Inc. newsletter referenced the upcoming PrimusGFS V4.0 stakeholder consultation, but the change is in response to a revision of GFSI’s Benchmarking process for Certification Program Owners.


Azzule has always gained valuable feedback from operations, certification bodies, and industry experts at-large on various audit issues. We have already addressed comments and suggestions from stakeholders about PrimusGFS V3.1 in our updated version of the audit, and the stakeholder review process for PrimusGFS V3.2 will help us to make it even better.


It is important to note that PrimusGFS V3.1 will continue to be available for use until further notice, while PrimusGFS V3.2 is in the process to achieve GFSI recognition.


As mentioned previously, Version 3.2 will include updates that address GFSI’s V2020’s benchmarking requirements and stakeholder feedback. According to GFSI, “New and strengthened elements in Version 2020 include elements of food safety culture, reinforced impartiality of the auditing process, and the monitoring of certification bodies.” In addition, PrimusGFS V3.2 will continue its focus on the Food and Drug Administration FSMA’s Produce Safety and Preventive Control rules, along with relevant best practice updates from commodity specific guidance documents. Additionally, PrimusGFS V3.2 updates will include updated GMP Applicability Charts, revised corrective action closure requirements, scientific research metrics (e.g. buffer distances, produce wash water anti-microbial metrics), refined and improved pesticide questions, and question flow concerns (e.g., harvest practice questions) where necessary.


Stakeholders offering proposed changes and feedback should submit those suggestions with the document Stakeholder Feedback Form to the group email address: [email protected] by November 27, 2020.


Azzule looks forward to working with users and supporters during this review period. Contact company representatives via email at [email protected] or by telephone if you have any questions or concerns.


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