PrimusGFS Version 3.2 Documents

Azzule Systems has made its new version of PrimusGFS – v3.2 – available to auditees now, and will be the mandatory version for audits scheduled after March 1, 2022.


PrimusGFS v3.2 aligns to the GFSI’s v2020.1 benchmarking requirements and offers both GAP (Farm, Indoor Agriculture, and Harvest Crew) and GMP (Cooling & Cold Storage, Packinghouse, Processing, Storage & Distribution) audits. The GFSI scopes covered by the standard include: Farming of Plants, Farming of Grains and Pulses, Pre-processing Handling of Plant Products, Processing of Plant Perishable Products, Processing of Animal and Plant Perishable Products (Mixed Products), Processing of Ambient Stable Products, and Provision of Storage and Distribution Services.


Version 3.2 brings updates to address: the GFSI v2020.1 benchmarking requirements, stakeholder feedback, continued focus on FDA FSMA’s Produce Safety and Preventive Control for Human Food, relevant recent best practice updates from commodity specific guidance documents, updates to GMP Applicability Charts, the addition of new corrective action closure requirements, updated scientific research metrics (e.g. mitigation buffer distances, produce wash water anti-microbial metrics), refined and improved GAP pesticide questions, and updates to question flow concerns where necessary (e.g., harvest practice questions).

Download All Version 3.2 Documents


Download All Version 3.2 Documents


General Regulations

PrimusGFS v3.1 to v3.2 Summary of Changes

PrimusGFS v3.2 Questions and Expectations

PrimusGFS v3.2 Checklists

PrimusGFS v3.2 Interpretation Guidelines

PrimusGFS Glossary

PrimusGFS Glossary (Soon)

(Español Pronto)

*La traducción al Español de las Guías de Interpretación para estos módulos está actualmente en revisión por parte del Departamento de Calidad de Azzule. Ante cualquier error en la presente traducción, favor referirse a la versión oficial en Inglés, según la Sección 3.g Alcance del Estándar, de las Regulaciones Generales de PrimusGFS v3.2.

El documento oficial en Español estará disponible en cuanto el Departamento de Calidad complete la revisión.